Around the World in Bullets

  • From the U.K.: £3,995.00 / $6,629.00 for Elizabeth Bennett!

Well, not really Elizabeth herself you understand. Not even a piece of her fictional pride or prejudice. Instead, for a mere £3,995.00 / $6,629.00 you can purchase one of the dresses Keira Knightley wore in her movie mis-adaptation of Ms. Bennett. If the dress fit Keira, I’m pretty sure it won’t fit the rest of us and I’m absolutely positive the fictional Elizabeth would never have appeared in public in this dress…but, still, what a bargain! Hat tip: AustenBlog.

  • From Australia: Get a Lick on Harry Potter!

Postage stamps, people, postage stamps…what were you thinking! A bit ago the U.K. Royal Postal service announced they’d be selling HP stamps, but I haven’t seen pictures of those. Now the Australian service has announced their own stamps. See here for image. One question…why would anyone want to receive a letter with an Umbridge stamp on it? Surely it could only bring eviction notices, death threats, or poison! A Harry stamp or two, or perhaps a full sheet might be fun. I haven’t seen any news whether the U.K. or the Australian offerings can be purchased and shipped overseas.

  • From Sweden: A HP Title 7 Clue!

Not bankruptcy, but a clue about the meaning of HP and the Deathly Hallows. Apparently, this title is just a little too mysterious for the editors translating the book into languages other than English. So J.K. Rowling provide this alternative title: HP and the Relics of Death. For more information, click here. Care for a little speculation?

  • From U.S. Midwest: The Case of the Missing 17-Year Cicadas!

This is it! This is the year! We, the Midwesterners, are supposed to be ankle deep in 17-year cicadas…I’ve yet to see or hear one! They were supposed to emerge last week and have in some areas, but are mostly absent in Chicagoland. I heard they are out in Oak Park, Elmhurst, and Downers Grove…but that’s all I’ve heard about locally. They’re in Wisconsin, but they are no wheres nears me! I may have to go cicada hunting this weekend if I can find time. Not that I want hordes of them, but not seeing or hearing any is a huge let down! Are they just late?

2 comments to Around the World in Bullets

  • Well, they’re not in my part of Oak Park. I hear you can pick them off the trees in River Forest though, so maybe the invasion is moving east.
    I’ve been telling people who didn’t witness it how massive the 1990 invasion was. Now I look like a teller of tall tales.
    Prove me right you darn bugs and show up already!

  • It’s really strange isn’t it! I haven’t heard any scientific views on what’s happening with them. It’s been a big build up and then…nothing!

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