Telling Secrets

Have I told you a secret about myself? No? Well, here’s one.

Once when I was a little, little girl, I didn’t want to go to sleep and I was misbehaving. (OK, that probably happened a lot of times, but the rest of the story didn’t.) My mother finally said, "If I tell you a secret [...]


Come on, answer honestly.

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Harry Potter in the News…No Surprise There!

A couple of articles for you Harry Potter lovers out there.

First, somebody had to sit on Harry Potter to maintain secrecy. Would I kid you about that? Click here to read some of the measures the U.S. publishers are and have taken to keep the book’s contents hidden. But I must say I agree with [...]

The ADORABLE Baby Raccoon

I went over to my parent’s for dinner tonight and after I pulled over to the curb just past their house, I noticed another car pulling over just before their house. As I gathered my stuff, I watched a man get out of his SUV and start to walk up my parent’s lawn. Only he [...]

Long Distance Chinese

Today in the mail I received a flier from a Chinese restaurant. I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but where I live there are Chinese restaurants of every size and shape every few blocks. But the flier in today’s post was from restaurant 8.2 miles from my home. If I’m going to [...]

Anybody Here?

I’ve been in a class the past several days and between the daily commute, the long class hours, and evening classwork, I’ve just been too busy and too tired to post. I’m sorry. (Hangs head in shame.) I’m also behind in reading blogs. Need to catch up.

I carried everything into the house yesterday, after the [...]

Monday, Monday

Why are Mondays always so hectic. Today was a blur. I was half way through putting on my jammies tonight when I remembered I hadn’t taken out the garbage. I still had shorts on so I put a coat on over my pjs and took out the trash in shorts, jacket, and pjs. That, my [...]

Foyle’s Back

The excellent Foyle’s War returned to U.S. television after a two and a half year absence. I must say winding up the hectic weekend by spending the evening with D.I. Foyle is a refreshing. I’d like to do it more often.

It would have been an even better evening if PBS hadn’t cut the episode. Several [...]

Candidate Hair

I got my haircut today and was a few minutes early for my appointment. As I sat waiting, the woman before me was talking to the hairstylist when she suddenly started talking about politics and the so-called presidential debates. Odd thing was, the conversation wasn’t at all what one might expect to hear.

"None of them [...]

Nancy Drew

The new Nancy Drew movie opened today and I rushed out to see it…just kidding T.L., I ran one errand to the vets and worked the rest of the day…I wouldn’t do that to you!!!

So anyway, there’s a new Nancy Drew in town and her name is Emma Roberts. Daughter of Eric Roberts, niece of [...]