Nancy Drew

The new Nancy Drew movie opened today and I rushed out to see it…just kidding T.L., I ran one errand to the vets and worked the rest of the day…I wouldn’t do that to you!!!

So anyway, there’s a new Nancy Drew in town and her name is Emma Roberts. Daughter of Eric Roberts, niece of Julia Roberts, but that’s not important.

Growing up, I devoured the Nancy Drew books, especially any of the original ones I could find. Another friend also enjoyed them and we’d read for hours. Nancy in the published books, particularly the rewrites that were prevalent in the 1970s, was just too perfect. Nancy could speak French. Nancy could ballet dance well enough to join a professional touring group on their stopover in River Heights. Nancy could show jump on horses. Nancy could mistreat and neglect her hunky boyfriend, but he always came back for more. Ugh. But the mysteries and the adventures were fun.

My friend and I wrote a few Nancy Drew books of our own. Our Nancy was much more fun and realistically flawed. Sadly, our plots and dialog were also flawed. ;-)

For nostalgia sake I’d actually like to see the new movie. I don’t hold out much hope for it…they moved it from the Midwest to L.A. and that’s just wrong. Also, my childhood reading pal now lives in Michigan, and not seeing it with her just doesn’t seem right. I should drop her an email to see when she’s next coming to visit.

Not to be left out of the sleuthing, TCM showed the original four big screen Nancy Drew movies tonight. I saw these years ago and have to say that they were so bad, I mean so bad, they were fun. I TiVo’d two of them and will try to watch them in the near future. Shouldn’t be too hard as they’re only about 80 minutes long.

Come on now, admit it, you still remember what color Nancy’s hair was. LOL.

4 comments to Nancy Drew

  • E.E. Knight

    I never knew you wrote fanfic!

  • One of my many deep, dark secrets. ;-) Was it called fanfic back then?

  • Blonde, of course.
    However, I had to read them under the covers with a flashlight because my father said they were “trash”. NTL I adored her and the stories. It’s probably why I still prefer mysteries to anything else.

  • Ah, but her hair only started out blonde. It’s been another color for years and years!
    “Trash,” wow! That’s a strong reaction to Nancy Drew. I wonder what he’d think of the stuff kids read today!
    I rather enjoy mysteries also.

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