Anybody Here?

I’ve been in a class the past several days and between the daily commute, the long class hours, and evening classwork, I’ve just been too busy and too tired to post. I’m sorry. (Hangs head in shame.) I’m also behind in reading blogs. Need to catch up.

I carried everything into the house yesterday, after the last class, but I haven’t unpacked or put any of it away and it’s all stacked on or around a living room chair. So not only do I have lots of stuff to catch up on, but I need to put away materials. In particular, I need to find my other glasses; they’re easier to read the computer screen with. (Must make this a top priority.)

The class was fun, and I’d do it again, I just wish it had ended Saturday so I could have napped and caught up yesterday. I can’t believe I missed blogging on the AFI’s new list. Sigh. So lot’s to blog about the next few days.

2 comments to Anybody Here?

  • Hi! #1 Daughter and I were reviewing the new AFI list last night. (She and a friend are working their way through the “old” list.) The changes were quite interesting — a couple good ones (moving up THE SEARCHERS) and some silly changes too. I also hope to blog about it this week as I “dig out” from vacation!
    TTYS, Laura

  • I wish I had saved an article I only skimmed, but it mentioned the biggest up and downward jumps. I think only four movies made since the original list was released got onto the new list. Boy, doesn’t that reflect badly for recent movies! I even think a couple of those recently made ones are a laugh to be on the list!

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