Telling Secrets

Have I told you a secret about myself? No? Well, here’s one.


Once when I was a little, little girl, I didn’t want to go to sleep and I was misbehaving. (OK, that probably happened a lot of times, but the rest of the story didn’t.) My mother finally said, "If I tell you a secret will you settle down and go to sleep?"

Oh yes…a secret! That, as you might imagine, was a powerful incentive to a three-year old Missy. So I quieted down, nestled into my pillow, and anxiously waited as my mother moved closer to whisper in my eager ear. I felt her breath on the side of my face and she said:

"A secret."

I laughed and laughed, but kept my promise and calmed down and fell asleep. For almost two years after that night, I wouldn’t go to sleep till I whispered, "a sec’et" in my mother or father’s ear.

To mark the nightly routine, my mother bought this Hummel figurine called "The Secret" (or "Telling Her Secret" according to a few sites). Our Hummel figurine, not the one in the borrowed image, still resides in my parent’s living room.

I’m off to bed now, so for each of you, "A secret." ;-)

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