Who Is the Dummie?

I took Reggie to the pet store tonight to get him some treats. As we were walking down an aisle toward the treats, a book caught my eye. It was one of those "… for Dummies" books.

You know the ones I mean. There must be hundreds and hundreds of these books. Windows for Dummies, Macs [...]


David W.

Our memories now.

More Potter, You Guessed It

I must say that having a ready-made topic with new links popping up every day has made blogging much easier this week! No brain power required…I’m digging it. The funny thing is, I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to read or look at but a few of the links I’ve been posting. This [...]

Rowling on Today, Part 1

Part 1 of J.K. Rowling’s interview on the Today show aired this morning. Here’s a link to the article, which has a link to the video that was aired.

Also, here’s a radio show discussion about the book. I haven’t had time to listen to this…it looks like it’s about 30 minutes long…so I don’t [...]

Short Post

At the very last possible moment tonight, I unexpectedly took my niece to a movie. We had such a wonderful time, but it’s late and I’m tired! We saw Spider-man 3 at a second-run theater, but I’ll have to blog about that another time when the brain is functioning properly.

SPOILERS AHEAD:More "Rowling Reveals" on Potterisms [...]

Another Harry Potter Book to Come

I mentioned earlier today that an interview with J.K. Rowling will air on U.S. television Thursday and Friday morning. NBC is releasing more information from that interview on their websites.

If you haven’t finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, you probably don’t want to continue reading this post. You’ve been warned!



The latest news:

Rowling says [...]

More on Harry

You probably think I’m obsessing on Harry Potter, that I’m ignoring everything else and am breathing only Harry Potter, that all normal life pursuits are lost as I chase the true meanings of Harry Potter, that I’m not eating or sleeping or working, but am only reading Harry Potter. Nope, that’s not the case. There’s [...]

Discussing Harry Potter

I still haven’t had the chance to discuss the latest Potter book with my friends, but have found some interesting sites on the web with informed and adult conversations. I’ve only had time to glance at these sites, but they seem interesting enough for further looks.

Print/newspaper reviews
Sword of Gryffindor
Eating Words

Know of any [...]


I have used what free time I had this weekend to read the final Harry Potter book. Normally I don’t try to read it all in one weekend, but this was it…the end…the big finale…and I have to work tomorrow. But here it is, 10:17 P.M. Sunday night and I have NOBODY to discuss the [...]