I have used what free time I had this weekend to read the final Harry Potter book. Normally I don’t try to read it all in one weekend, but this was it…the end…the big finale…and I have to work tomorrow. But here it is, 10:17 P.M. Sunday night and I have NOBODY to discuss the book with!

Of my friends that read Harry Potter:

  • One is on vacation in Ireland and probably won’t even start the book for at least a week.
  • One has to work on MBA homework and won’t start for a while.
  • One had to work this weekend and likes to listen to the audiobook instead of reading the books, so she’s only finished 1 of 17 discs.
  • One only buys one copy of the book and lets her three children and husband read it first, which is nice but annoying at the moment.
  • One is reading the book this weekend, but I can’t call her this late at night.
  • One that has read the book, but lives in Australia and I don’t know her phone number and I don’t have Internet phone service to make it a reasonably-priced conversation!


I actually haven’t finished reading the book. The action is over, I know the outcome, but there’s still a few last explanations, wrap-ups, and the epilogue I’ve heard mentioned but haven’t read. I stopped to take Reggie for a walk before it got too late, so I’ll go read the final pages before bed.

If you haven’t read the book and still plan to, you might want to stop here. I have three possible spoilers below, but have worded them very vaguely…I hope. Your choice to continue.

Overall impressions…starts and ends with a bang (except I’m not really to the end yet), the middle is too long and too little action. I cried when a little friend died and a grave was dug. That’s the only time I cried. I laughed out loud a few times, particularly at the line, "Not my daughter, you b*tch!" I’m sorry, I don’t use swear words, but considering who said this line…I just had to laugh.

I think some plot inconsistencies have been exposed. For example, based on what we learn in book 7 about one of Harry’s possessions, Dumbledore shouldn’t have been able to immobilize Harry at the end of book 6 because Harry was wearing that possession at the time. (Maybe that’s explained in the remaining pages.)

I’ll stop here or I’ll really end up with spoilers. Need to discuss book with someone. Sigh. I won’t say goodbye to Harry yet, because I’m probably going to re-read the last few chapters to figure out a few things and I always enjoy listening to the audiobook and have that to look forward to.

2 comments to Re-emerging

  • Am I the person in Australia to whom you are referring..? :) I was actually sadder over the feathered one.. so much more innocent…
    Yeah I wondered about that too and whether anyone under it was invulnerable.. it never seemed to be hinted at anywhere else that that was so, or even at the end..

  • Yeah, I meant you. I hope that’s ok, we’ve never met or anything, but we’re blogosphere friends. (The others on my list are people I know in person.)
    The feathered friend upset me also…a complete and rather disturbing shock…but they didn’t dwell on it, the story kept moving, and it was so early in the book that I wanted to know what else was going to happen and didn’t dwell myself.
    I agree with your last comment. I think this is a sticky point. I also think the wand explanation didn’t completely work either.

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