Who Is the Dummie?

I took Reggie to the pet store tonight to get him some treats. As we were walking down an aisle toward the treats, a book caught my eye. It was one of those "… for Dummies" books.

You know the ones I mean. There must be hundreds and hundreds of these books. Windows for Dummies, Macs for Dummies, iPhones for Dummies, Mannequins for Dummies, Diamonds for Dummies, Baseball for Dummies, Jane Austen for Dummies, Philosophy for Dummies, Speelling fore Dummy’s, Driving for Dummies, Golf for DummiesKnitting for Dummies, Reading for Dummies, Getting a Life for Dummies, Counting 4 Dummies, etc. Maybe they even have a Blogging for Dummies and you’re wishing I’d run out and buy it! The list goes on and on.

Many of the Dummies books are excellent resources, but "The titles, my dear, the titles."

Yes, indeed, for just a small amount of money you can own a book that calls you a dummy. For all these books have one blatant thing in common…the "dummy" in the title refers to the person exchanging money for the book, the person that brings the book into his or her dwelling, the person that reads the book, the person that needs the book. But fret not…I’m sure they mean it in the nicest possible way.

But this makes me wonder. I just have to ask. In the book I saw tonight, who are they calling the dummy?

When they sell a book called, Housebreaking for Dummies, who is the dummie?

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