Mimi Poppins

The first time I babysat my niece M she was already 11 months old. I had to ask my brother and sister-in-law if I was ever going to get to babysit. My sister-in-law’s face lit up:

"Would you like to babysit? We’d love to have you babysit! I decided we weren’t going to ask you because my when my siblings had their children they expected me to babysit and asked me to do it a lot!"

So, I wasn’t being shunted, I was being protected, but I wasn’t interested in that. I love spending time with my nieces and nephew.

I still remember that night. 11-month M had on a pink sweater with multi-colored strands and bright pink pants. Pink was her favorite color then. She was so happy to see me, she was dancing around the house when I got there and then wanted nothing but to be held my Aunt Missy. Pure bliss! But then little M figured out that Mommy and Daddy were leaving! Horrors! M screwed up her face and prepared to pitch a fit. My brother interrupted her facial contortions with an aptly placed question:

"Hey M, wouldn’t you like to watch Mary Poppins with Aunt Missy?"

In less than a blink M’s face segued from "I’m going to scream the house down till Aunt Missy can make me stop" terror to "I’m going to watch Mary Poppins" raptures. It was the fastest transformation I’ve ever seen! I sat down to watch "Mimi" as M called her (we don’t know why) and she dug out a dozen toys necessary to facilitate watching Mimi.

Strangely, the version of Mimi we watched for less than a hour that night (M had a short attention span at 11 months), did not match this Scary-Mary Poppins trailer.

Tuppence any one?

Hat-tip on the YouTube: Pedregoso Rios

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