Television Premiere Week

We had a quiet Sunday here in the land of Missyisms. I spent most of the day reading nothing very exciting, but it was relaxing. It would have been even more relaxing, but Reggie is sick. He woke me in the middle of the night throwing up in my bedroom and has been sick a [...]

Shadowing A Wonderful World

OK, this just needs to be shared. I’ve seen it on a few blogs, maybe you have also. Watch. Trust me. It’s Wonderful.

You know what’s great about blogging these things…it’s not just sharing, but it’s getting to come back and see it again when I want to, because it’s in my blog where I can [...]

ST: TNG Meme

OK, if you don’t know what the letters in the title of this blog mean…don’t bother continuing.

Got this meme from E.E. Knight:

"When you read this, post a quote from Star Trek: The Next Generation."

For me this would be Warf dressed as one of Robin Hood’s sidekicks, Will Scarlet, and he says:

"I am [...]

Is This The Year?


Dusted Off

So, the update. Sigh. Hanging head. I didn’t meet the goals I set yesterday. I’m a housecleaning-de-cluttering failure.

Oh well.

I got several interruptions today and the drive and energy I had yesterday evaporated a little more with each interruption. That’s ok…the interruptions were each better than housecleaning!

Here’s the scorecard:

Finish dusting the house. Update: Successfully completed!
Go [...]

Dust Off

I spent most of the afternoon and well into the evening housecleaning. I’ve been so busy lately the house is a mess! Ugh. My plan was to straighten up, dust, vacuum, and mop as needed. Instead, I started digging through stacks and tossing and organizing. The result…I’m nowhere near finished. Sigh. I got a lot [...]

iPod iScmod

Lately when I listen to music on my computer using iTunes, I’m getting a lot of skips and bounces during the songs. It’s very, very, very annoying. I’m not sure what is causing this. Is anyone else having this problem?

I’m not sure if this started when I downloaded the first of version 7 of iTunes [...]

Say What?

So I got an email today that contained the following paragraph:

"Mark came home Saturday with a 1967 Olds Skylark, dechromed (not even door
handle locks — it uses solenoids), with a 455 quad (455 CID [cubic inch
displacement], four barrel carburetor), and dual Moon exhaust, in the brightest
yellow you can imagine. Of course the brake lights, running [...]

Cowboys Crush Bears

The Dallas Cowboys beat up the Chicago Bears last night on national TV and at the Bears’ own stadium. This has upset a lot of people…Bears-fans type of people. Me, my family is from Texas, so I’m rather enjoying the win.

The Dallas Cowboys used to be my team. I watched them whenever they were on [...]

iPod Nano

Have you seen the new commercial for Apple’s new video-capable iPod Nano? It’s a cute ad; you can see it here, but the ad fails! Big time!

The ad just doesn’t convey how small the new Nano is! And it doesn’t even attempt to show how thin it is! I got to see one tonight…very cool! [...]