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Lately when I listen to music on my computer using iTunes, I’m getting a lot of skips and bounces during the songs. It’s very, very, very annoying. I’m not sure what is causing this. Is anyone else having this problem?

I’m not sure if this started when I downloaded the first of version 7 of iTunes or when I had to replace my hard disk. iTunes just keeps getting bigger and bigger, requiring more system resources. So I’m not sure if it’s causing the problem because iTunes is conflicting with or hogging resources from other software open at the same time. Maybe it isn’t the software, but the new hard disk in my computer. It’s a new drive to my computer, but I think they sent me a re-manufactured disk to replace the one that crashed. This could be a sign of problems…so I hope that isn’t the issue. Maybe I don’t have enough virtual memory set aside. Any thoughts?

So, anyhoo, if I want to listen to music while I’m working, I’ve been using an MP3 player attached to speakers. This is just fine except I like to set the player to shuffle and it keeps playing the audiobooks I have on the player. All MP3 players I’ve seen have a "section" for audiobooks, but apparently that’s only for downloaded audiobooks. If you rip audiobooks from CDs, they go into the music "section." So when I play music in shuffle mode, the MP3 player shuffles in the audiobook chapters. Are you with me?

I can’t listen to audiobooks and work at the same time, but I can listen to music and work*. So when the player keeps playing audiobook chapters, I have to take my hands off the keyboard and push something on the player to make it skip to the next shuffled track…sometimes the player attempts to play several audiobook chapters at a time. This all gets annoying after awhile.

If I was using iTunes, I could simply de-select, but not delete, the audiobooks. Why can’t this be done with a MP3 player? If I want to delete the songs from my iPod, I have to delete them iTunes…because having them de-selected in iTunes didn’t remove them from the iPod. (Hmm, maybe I just found a way to do this. Hmm.) Don’t tell me to set up playlists, that’s too much bother. Plus I don’t want to limit the music selection. (Maybe I have to put everything but the audiobooks into one huge playlist? hmm.)

Any suggestions? Any similar problems?

*I almost changed this when I wrote it, but was lazy. Then Delmer’s comment made me decide I really had to modify this claim. I can listen to music as I do some work, but not all work. If I writing content or reviewing somebody else’s content, I can’t listen to music. If I’m making decisions…no music. Then again, I can do all of this if it’s a certain type of music, but that explanation would take forever. However, I can code, format, edit, and do some writing while listening to music. I’ll also turn music on lightly if other noises are distracting. Whew, now I feel better. I’ve provided a nice, muddled explanation.

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  • Do you have better-than-average speakers attached to your computer? Or are you using basic $10.00 speakers.
    I use cheapies and I sort of get a headache when I try to work with them on. I don’t know if it’s due to lack of bass … or if I’m unable to concentrate on work with music playing.
    (You know how guys are — our minds can’t handle two things at one time.)

  • I bought some Jensen multi-media speakers at United Audio years and years ago. Sorry, I don’t remember how much they cost. They’re just two speakers, no subwoofer. I originally purchased them to connect to a portable CD player. Now have I have a Y-connector in the stereo out plug on the “control” speaker and have two cables coming out…one to the headphone port on the desktop’s soundcard and the other to my MP3 player. This way I can listen to two audio sources without changing the cable. So it’s a decent sound quality, but not great.
    My father, a true hi-fi nut, would be appalled. LOL. He used to have an amplifier/receiver connected to his computer. From that he also had a CD player and nice speakers attached.
    I actually have a computer subwoofer/speaker set attached to an old computer that is sitting around waiting for me to strip it down. I just don’t want all that clutter where I have the computer now.
    (How’s that for a long-winded response. Sorry.)

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