Dust Off

I spent most of the afternoon and well into the evening housecleaning. I’ve been so busy lately the house is a mess! Ugh. My plan was to straighten up, dust, vacuum, and mop as needed. Instead, I started digging through stacks and tossing and organizing. The result…I’m nowhere near finished. Sigh. I got a lot of the first layer of sorting finished (more on this below), dusted about 1/3 of the house, and scoured the kitchen. Come on over and admire my fabulous and sparkling kitchen, except the floor which will done tomorrow!

So, "first layer of sorting." Yeah, I still have boxes and file cabinet drawers that need to be sorted. I’m better at getting rid of stuff than I used to be in the past. So there isn’t as much first layer stuff to go through, but there’s years of being a pack rat to still get through. Seems like every time I make a dent in the stuff, I end up with more I have to add or save for some reason. But, any progress is better than nothing.

Tomorrow I plan to continue my cleaning and purging. Here are my goals:

  • Finish dusting the house.
  • Go through 2 organized file drawers (this would mean deciding what to keep or toss).
  • Go through 1 unorganized file drawer (this would mean sorting, organizing, filing, and tossing…so I won’t be able to get through as many drawers).
  • Vacuum the house.
  • Mop kitchen and bathroom floor.

I may die in the attempt, but I’m determined to try. The vacuuming and mopping might fall to another day if I get a full head of steam on the file cabinet drawers.

***I was so busy with the housecleaning and purge that I didn’t get to emails today. Please just hold on and I’ll get to email replies as soon as I can. Thanks.***

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