Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Reggie and me!

No! Even though he’s looking (as shown in the picture) Reggie didn’t get any candy! (Boy does he need a haircut!)

iPod touch Test

I’ve never posted from a mobile device before and I don’t know that I’m fast enough typing with an iPod touch that I’ll be doing this very often. However, everything, or many things, should be tried at least once!

Yes the iPod touch I ordered with my Apple rebate arrived this morning! It’s so awesome!! I’m [...]

The Day that Used to Be

My fellow Americans, did you realize that this day last year was the first day back on standard time? But not so this year. I don’t even know when we make the switch this year, but two clocks in my house told me it used to be today.

Reggie woke me up in the middle of [...]

DVD Event of the Year!

I went to see The Jane Austen Book Club movie and during the ever-lengthening adverts, trailers, and phlegm that run before the feature, we were treated to a preview of the "DVD Event of the Year." The screen went black and the narrator, with his perfect intonation, pitch, and awe-filled voice, rhapsodized about the blessing [...]


Today in the Chicago Tribune one of their columnist wrote about reading his first e-book on his Blackberry. If I remember correctly the columnist, Steve Johnson, covers television and the Internet, so I think we’re safe to call him a techie. And what did this techie choose as his first e-book? A recent bestseller, such [...]

Autumn Leaves

Autumn is my favorite season here in Chicagoland. Here are just two reasons from my neighborhood. (Click on either image to visit my Zooomr account where you can see more images and the larger versions.)

Remembering A Secret

A secret.

Jane MacBook Pro Austen

Saturday, when I was screen testing at the Apple store, I discovered a Jane Austen reader…they’re everywhere…just as they should be.

There I was, popping DVDs into the laptops at the Apple store, when Saleswoman Terri came over. "Oh, you brought your own DVDs. Women shoppers always come prepared!"

When I popped Pride [...]

Time to Update?

I’ve been saying for sometime that I need a new laptop. Why? Mainly because I purchased my current laptop in March of 2001. Yes, it shocks even me; I didn’t realize it was six-years old. I like my Toshiba Portege 7200, like the one in the image here. The laptop is lightweight, with a great [...]

Deborah Kerr

Consummate actress Deborah Kerr has passed away at the age of 86.

Kerr, pronounced like "car," is probably most famous for her roles in From Here to Eternity, The King and I, and An Affair to Remember, but starred in over 50 movies. She was nominated six times for an Oscar for her leading rolls [...]