Familiarity, Not Always a Good Thing

Have you ever gone to a restaurant so often that they not only know your name, they know your standard order. The server approaches your table with your regular beverage already prepared to quench your thirst and says, "Your usual, Missy?"

I have to admit, that hasn't happened to me in years. Not since I last [...]

‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving, when all ‘cross the land,
many were traveling to visit relatives firsthand.
The planes were lined on the runways with ease
in hopes the congestion would soon be appeased.

The luggage was crushed, all smashed in the bins,
with content crinkled and damaged within.
And travelers with children, and those without,
had just settled their [...]

Holiday Prep and Surgery Prep

Reggie and I spent much of the day getting ready for Thanksgiving…and it isn’t even at my house this year! We had to go to a few different stores to get the stuff needed for my part of the dinner. Too much driving, too many crowds, too much bad traffic, too much time out of [...]

Another Year, Another Birthday

Today is my birthday, never you mind how old I am, but you can find it on this blog if you really want to know. I decided since my birthday was on Monday, that I’d celebrate all weekend. Here are a few highlights:

Saturday I was out all day with errands and having fun. When I [...]

Free Audio Book Download

I’ve known for some time, as you probably have, that iTunes has a free song available for downloading each Tuesday. I never used to remember to check out the song, so I think in the time I’ve remembered to check I’ve only downloaded three songs. They select too much garbage! (Is Amazon’s new music service [...]

Re-Visiting the Re-Reading List

The other day I posted about the books Brits are re-reading. At the time I could only find the top ten books in the list, but Anne has found the top twenty. Here, according to a recent survey, are the top twenty re-reads in the United Kingdom.

The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling
Lord of the [...]

Video Laughs

What’s the Internet these days without some video laughs? Here are two videos that really made me laugh today.

The first one is on another blog, so here’s the link. See if you can dance as well as the cockatoo. (TL will particularly like this one and perhaps will post a dancing Garth for us to [...]


I went over to a friend’s house tonight for a bonfire. I haven’t been to a bonfire in years! We had a lot of fun. I’m ready to do it again as long as the temperature doesn’t get too awful.

The outdoor temperature was in the 50s, warmer than a few days ago. Oddly, [...]


Somebody called me that today…yeah me…a b*tch. I’ve never seen this person before, I’ll never know if I’ll see this person again because I couldn’t tell you what he looked like, but he ruined my day for several hours because he yelled a profanity at me!

Here’s the scoop: I was driving down the little frontage [...]

P&P Re-Release and Re-Read

It seems to me that when this DVD of the 2005 movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice was released, I pointed out that the British release had more extras and that probably meant another DVD version would be re-released in the U.S. I was right…I just didn’t expect it this soon. Odd that it would [...]