Writer’s Strike, Reader’s Opportunity

The much awaited writer’s strike started today. I bet Netflix and Blockbuster are thrilled. Some TV shows will start airing reruns tonight, other shows have a handful of unaired episodes, but all scripted TV shows will be hitting the reruns sooner than later if the strike lasts any amount of time. Here’s a chart listing the status of some shows. Unlike TV shows, movie scripts are written long before production begins. Plus, this strike has been looming for a long time and many producers were buying extra scripts a year ago. This means movies will continue in production for a while. That isn’t necessarily good news, because movies lately have been rotten, and once the Oscar-contenders are released in November and December, that trend looks to continue. So, as I said, Netflix and Blockbuster must be happy…in the not too distant future, this strike will probably mean an increase in rentals.

But I challenge all us to shock Netflix and Blockbuster, and even Hollywood. Instead of picking up a rental, support a writer and pick up a book! Read, read, read! Of course many book authors are not TV or movie writers, but authors are writers and that typically means they are underpaid. Most authors have to work other jobs to support their writing careers. And in Hollywood, the writers often make a mere fraction of what actors, directors, and producers make.

Show your support to writers and read. In fact, share with us here just what you’re currently reading. I’m in the middle of several books. Two books I’m just paging through to remind myself how to use a Mac. I’m also reading The Jane Austen Book Club and The First Wave, a WWII sequel to a book I read last year. I’m not far enough into either novel to offer a recommendation, but I’ll let you know.

What about your latest reads? Any recommendations? Let us know.

3 comments to Writer’s Strike, Reader’s Opportunity

  • I am currently reading through Lisa Gardner’s works. They’re crime novels. Some (maybe all) have been best sellers. I don’t know that they’ll ever be classics.
    Next in line — two of my friends have written books. One is a novel, the other more of a war diary.

  • I’ve just started getting the bus to work so I can read again.. I’ve just started Anne of Green Gables :)

  • Delmer, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by Lisa Gardner, but the name is familiar. I take it you are enjoying them?
    Kazza, I love Anne of Green Gables! Oddly the first time I read it was a few years after I graduated from college. To paraphrase a few of my favorite lines: “It’s not our habit here in Avonlea to put children in deep, dark dungeons. Besides there are no dungeons in Avonlea.” And: “My mind is a veritable graveyard of despair.” I’ve since been to PEI twice…it is stunningly beautiful! If I had a working scanner, I’d post a few pics.

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