P&P Re-Release and Re-Read

It seems to me that when this DVD of the 2005 movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice was released, I pointed out that the British release had more extras and that probably meant another DVD version would be re-released in the U.S. I was right…I just didn’t expect it this soon. Odd that it would have a widescreen and fullscreen version on the 2-disc set; it just doesn’t seem like a movie to do that with. Other extras on this new release are listed here. Now I do wish I had Netflix just to see these extras without buying the DVD. You’ll remember what I think of re-releases!

While there are multiple adaptations and re-released DVDs of Pride and Prejudice, there is only one book! And it can’t be topped, but it can be re-read and that’s just what the British are doing. Excellent news. A recent survey in the U.K. revealed that P&P came in third on the re-reading list. The survey also found that: "…that 43% admitted to deciding whether they will finish a book after only the first chapter." Most new writers are taught to really write a great first chapter, first page, first paragraph, first sentence and this stat shows why. Click here to see the top-10 list of Brit re-reads and for other interesting tid-bits from the survey. (The article linked here says the list includes Jane Eyre and the Bible, which I re-read, in the top 20, but doesn’t say where to see the complete list.)

I re-read P&P and the some of the Potter series, which is also on the list. I have other books I like to re-read, honestly I do!, I’m just too tired to think of them right now. What do you re-read?

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