Another Year, Another Birthday

Today is my birthday, never you mind how old I am, but you can find it on this blog if you really want to know. I decided since my birthday was on Monday, that I’d celebrate all weekend. Here are a few highlights:

  • Saturday I was out all day with errands and having fun. When I got home I discovered a friend had sent flowers. Fortunately, a neighbor was home to take them into their house and keep them for me till I got back. They are very loverly and they smell so nice Reggie got his beard stuck in some petals as he enjoyed them.
  • Wingnut
    Sunday I went out for dinner with a bunch of friends. We had dinner, cheesecake, and a wing nut. No kidding! CP’s diced vegetables came with a wing nut. Fortunately, she saw it before putting it in her mouth. The restaurant was very embarrassed and gave her her meal for free…after they fixed her a new meal. The manager came back to the table four times checking on things, which is only right. Other than the wing nut, the entrees were ok, but the cheesecake was wonderful, and the friendships are fabulous!
  • Monday was also Reggie’s 10.5 birthday, so he and I had fun playing together. We also had a nice long nap. I went out again for dinner, but nothing as exciting as wing nuts happened. I also started wiping some old hard disks and had great plans for additional techie things to do this evening, but instead have been lazy and talked on the phone. It’s my birthday…it’s my prerogative to be lazy if I want. ;-)

Well, till the next birthday!

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