Familiarity, Not Always a Good Thing

Have you ever gone to a restaurant so often that they not only know your name, they know your standard order. The server approaches your table with your regular beverage already prepared to quench your thirst and says, "Your usual, Missy?"

I have to admit, that hasn't happened to me in years. Not since I last worked at an office and started working at home. So the only time I hear that question is when I'm talking to myself.

But this morning, when I took Reggie to the vet for his bladder stone surgery, the girl working the front desk gave me the usual paper work to sign and then said, "You know the routine, right? Call after 1:00 for an update or we'll call you if we have a question." Not only does everyone there know Reggie and me by name, they believe I've been there often enough that I know their surgical routines. Sadly, I do.

Reggie's procedure went very well. They got the stone out on the second attempt to flush it out, so he was under only a little bit of time. They also did some teeth cleaning. He's been very quiet tonight, but has held down the water, food, anti-biotic, and pain pill with no problem. (He received them in that order over an extended period of time since coming home from the vets.) He's already sleeping now and is going to be very annoyed that I want to watch the rest of a TV show in the room he's sleeping in. I need to decide whether to wake him to go out one more time or hope he sleeps through the night. I suppose if he wakes me it might be a good thing, I could give him another pain pill.

Overall, everything went swimmingly for Reg!

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