Bye 2007

Here in the Chicago area there are only a few hours left in the year 2007. Seems odd. How can it already be 2008? Where did the year go?

The view out my window reveals that it’s snowing…again. No surprise really. The Saturday Tribune said we’ve officially had 13.67 inches of snow (I think that’s low [...]

Status Update

Status Check (Updated 12-31-07: I’ve deleted stuff from this posting as it was too much blather):

Car in body shop: I got my car back from the body shop on Wednesday. Everything seemed a OK until Friday when I had to use the wipers. They don’t have the wipers adjusted correctly and the driver’s side wiper [...]

Time Off, Pay Off?

I took time off from work for several reasons that can be boiled down to:

To get a LOT of things done.
To get some rest and relaxation.

The status report is that I’ve gotten a lot of things done, but not everything on my list. So I’m feeling pretty good about that. But I haven’t had much [...]

2007 Christmas Windows

I had to go into Chicago today during a snow storm. It’s the only time I’ve been downtown since the Christmas windows at Marshal Field’s/Macy’s opened. This year’s windows were of the Nutcracker. Here are a few pictures I snapped in a horrible rush. The first is my favorite. (The white splotch on the mouse’s [...]

Poor English and the Small Print…The Reveal

A while back, I asked:

I have an online-redeemable rebate form that I want to use when I
make a purchase. Right underneath the amount of the rebate and my
rebate code are the words:


Now, I ask you, does that mean the rebate must be redeemed before
October 14 or can be used through October 14? [...]

Merry Christmas 2007

OK, I’ve used this image before, but I like it and it’s just right for the season! Merry Christmas!!!

Image copyright Century Greetings.


I jinxed myself with my last post. I made the mistake of writing: "I thought the family Christmas dinner was going to be at my house, but
that might not happen now. Motivation to clean house has disappeared!"

Silly me. Really shouldn’t have said that. At 10:00 PM Thursday night, my brother tossed all those plans out [...]

Christmas Crazies

I keep thinking I need to update my blog…then reality sets in and I realize I have nothing to blog about. I’m sure you’d be bored to tears to hear that I’ve been Christmas shopping, decorating the house for Christmas, doing more Christmas shopping, shoveling snow off my driveway, scraping ice off my driveway, more [...]

Help Needed

This past Saturday, I was driving on a local highway when my car was attacked by flying ice. The weather was wonderful…maybe a little cold…the visibility was excellent, the roads were dry and that's impressive considering the weather we've been having.

But there was hidden ice. Ice slowly losing its grip, just waiting to take [...]

A Little Ice Anyone?

Would you like a little ice? We have plenty here in the midwest! We’re more than happy to share. Please, we’re begging you…take it!

We’re in the middle of our third and a half ice storm. I say half because the weather system we’re in right now dumped ice last night, turned to rain during the [...]