Masterpiece’s In-”Complete Jane Austen”

As I mentioned here, this coming Sunday night PBS will begin airing adaptations of all six Jane Austen novels…ode that there were more. PBS is calling this the "Complete Jane Austen."

But is it really complete? PBS has acknowledged that they are airing shortened versions of each adaptation. This is not a surprise, it seems to me that PBS does this with all the British shows they air. Persuasion, the adaption airing this Sunday night will be about 7 minutes shorter than what aired in the U.K. If you want to see the full-length version…find the DVD. This will be true of all the adaptations. For more information, check out this post on AustenBlog. Skim the post’s comments for additional details from people who attended a pre-screening and were able to ask Rebecca Eaton, PBS’s executive producer for the series, several questions. Since PBS is not showing the complete shows…shouldn’t this be called the "INcomplete Jane Austen?" Just a thought.

Here are some additional links for more information:

2 comments to Masterpiece’s In-”Complete Jane Austen”

  • Michele

    Hi Missy!
    I’m looking forward to this too. I still have the videotape of P&P you sent me, though I do now have it on DVD. Thank you for your Christmas card. If you get a chance email me at mXXXX(at)XXXX(dot)net.

  • Hi Michele,
    Great to hear from you! Let’s hope these new Austen adaptations are better than the reports say they are! I saved your email address to my address book and then removed it from the above comment. I’ll try to email soon.
    Take care…Missy

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