The Day of the Jackal

The Day of the Jackal was on TV tonight. I’ve always enjoyed this movie, but only got to watch bits of it tonight. I like the strategizing, the old fashioned police work, the mind game between the Jackal and Lebel…even though they never meet till the last few minutes of the movie, and I really [...]

Leap Day

Several Leap Years ago my mother was an el-ed teacher and had a student whose mother was born on Leap Day. That particular year, the child was older than her mother. I think the child was 10 and the mother was "9."

To celebrate the mother’s birthday and Leap Day, they had a birthday party for [...]

The Little Screen

During the Oscars, Jon Stewart poked fun at people watching movies on their iPhones. And, yes, there is something funny about somebody watching the chariot race in Ben Hur on such a tiny screen. (I think that’s the example he used, if not, he should have.)

Here’s a link to a YouTube "movie" of director [...]

Foyle’s War Last Season…U.S. Summer of 2008

Possibly excellent news! According to this PBS | Masterpiece | Mystery! website, the last season of Foyle's War will air this summer. As expected, there will be three episodes in the final season.

Unfortunately, PBS is known to change their minds and remove things from the schedule, but since this is the last season of [...]

Christmas Card Delivery

Here is the opening line of an email I received today:

"I just received a Christmas card from you in the mail post marked Dec. 29, 2007."

No joke. It has taken one of my Christmas cards, one of the few that I finally sent, seven to eight weeks to reach it’s destination! This might be acceptable [...]

Tonight’s Weather

It’s snowing again. It’s pretty now, but tomorrow morning it will have to be shoveled. The picture doesn’t do it justice. I really might have to give in and get more than a point-and-shoot pocket camera. Too many missed opportunities, but still this captures a bit of the essence.

Guess Who

Becoming Jane

My library does not allow new DVDs to be put on hold. This means you have to be at the library, in the multi-media area, at the right shelf,  when a new DVD is put out for checkout…basically, it’s impossible to get a new-release DVD at my library unless you are unemployed, unoccupied, extremely lucky, [...]

Moon Howling

We’re having a spectacular lunar eclipse tonight, so I thought it was a good night for me to come out of hiding on my blog. (You can see the logic behind this…I’m sure. LOL.)

I’ve spent hours upon hours the past few weeks organizing boxes of stuff for my parents. Every time I thought I [...]

This is Getting Old

It started a few months ago. Someone started sending me invitations to retirement planning lunches. OK, I’m certainly ready to retire, but the wallet isn’t. I was busy at the time and ignored the invites until the fourth or fifth one arrived. It seemed odd to me that they were sending so many invites because [...]