Reggie MudBucket

In today’s thrilling and exciting news…surely worthy of Twitter, if I Twittered…the snow has turned to rain and thunder storms. The backyard is a mosh pit, and Reggie seems drawn to it like a rubber duck. Fun times for moi. In other words, Reggie went out this morning and got dirtier than I think he’s [...]

Sense and Sensibility (2007/08)

PBS aired part 1 of the last adaptation in their Complete Jane Austen with the BBC’s new Sense and Sensibility. And, wow, finally one of these new adaptations that is not only decent, but pretty good! It’s not perfect, but none of the adaptations, even Pride and Prejudice (1995) are perfect. But this one might [...]

Ill State Department Foul Emissions

I received the following letter in the mail two days ago. I have to admit…it scared me. It’s from the Office of the Secretary of State of Illinois. But that isn’t what scared me. Go ahead and click on the thumbnail for a readable version…it’s short, so it won’t take you too long.

Can you [...]

Say What?

I’ve seen a little of this season’s Dancing with the Stars over the past two weeks. Since work has been busy, I never see the show the night it airs or in one sitting. I watch it Farmer Dale style: "oink, oink here and an oink, oink there." I leave the sound bites to the [...]

Aunt Mary Jo

My mother’s sister died today. It’s been a rough day. AMJ has been sick for a while, but has always pulled through. This time her body just gave out.

AMJ was Mom’s only sibling. And my poor cousin has lost her father, her only sibling, and now her mother in just 3.5 years. Life can [...]

End of Snowy March Day

No picture this time. I’ve been inside working all day, so I didn’t have to rough the weather other than the difficult job of shoveling very wet snow. My next door neighbors saw a car slide into an intersection and heard the metal crunching as two cars collided. Nobody was hurt…thankfully.

As much as I’m sick–really [...]

6:30 Update

The snow is taking a breather…and after clearing the driveway twice, maybe I can too. Oh wait…I still have work to do.

3:00 P.M. Update

Here it is…5 to 6 inches of heavy, wet snow. Such a joy to break the back shoveling!!!

Spring What?

So much for yesterday’s loverly weather!

I took this about 9:30 this morning. I used the automatic setting for both today and yesterday’s pictures and did not photoshop them. This way you can see the full, ugly, icky contrast.

Notice the lovely forecast of 4 to 6 inches expected by evening. Fabulous! And the 10-day forecast is [...]

Calm Before the Storm?

This was today:

The only snow that’s left are the mountains on the parkway that have melted down to hills.

49 degrees! (That’s 9.44 in C.) Whew hoo! But it’s that "Severe Weather Alert" that’s alarming. Today was a beautiful day! Of course, I was inside working, but it was still fabulous outside. Tonight and tomorrow…maybe [...]