What Day is This?

Silly me. I thought the calendar said today was April 28. Oops. So silly of me. It can’t be April 28, it must be February 28 because is SNOWED TODAY!!!!

No, I’m not kidding. See the pictures below! Sigh. Will this winter ever end? The snow actually stuck for a while, but I had to leave [...]

What Makes a Salad?

I was running errands today and decided I needed to get something to eat before I was arrested for disturbing the peace since my stomach was rumbling louder than a plane’s sonic boom. From my car I could see a hamburger fast food joint and a Quiznos. I’ve never eaten Quiznos’ before, mostly because I [...]


Anyone know how to recycle old batteries from battery backups? It’s an APC and I know they have a trade-in program, but it’s less expensive and faster to buy through I don’t see anything on APC’s site about recycling. I know Radio Shack used to take batteries, but I don’t know if they still [...]


There I was minding my own business. Not bothering anyone and not being bothered by anyone. The world was doing its business and I was doing my mine. Peace all around. Then it happened. All of a sudden, completely out of the blue, I was completely blindsided. I wanted a corn dog.

No, I kid you [...]

Spring Abounds

Spring has sprung (FINALLY) here in the Chicago area! Last week we reached 70 degrees (21.1 C) for the first time in SIX long months. Can you imagine how wonderful that felt after this season’s winter?

The birds have been serenading us this last week from dawn to dusk. I’ve been watching a couple of Cardinals [...]


Last June 11, I tried to post a video on YouTube that I had made of the 17-year cicadas swarming Downers Grove, IL and other parts of the midwest. The video never uploaded correctly and I forgot all about it. Recently I decided to fix that…sort of.

The video is absolutely horrible. No really. It [...]

Foyle’s War Interview

An interesting interview with Foyle’s War creator Anthony Horowitz.

I’m going to miss Foyle’s War. I still think some novels would be great…hint, hint!


Early yesterday afternoon a friend and I decided to squeeze in a movie before some new work was sent my way and she got busy with visitors. We went to see Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and both really enjoyed it even though the title and preview trailer leave a lot to be desired. [...]

GarageBand or GarbageBad?

Since I have a new a few months old Mac toy laptop, I’ve been learning how to use the software that came on it. Right now I’m focusing on the iLife ‘08 software suite, which includes iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, and iDVD.

An Apple Trainer was introducing me to GarageBand and decided it hadn’t installed [...]

Shake, Rattle and Roll

About 4:35 this morning I thought I was on a boat. I was softly rocking back and forth. My bed and I were softly rolling over waves on a quiet sea…WAIT…my bed is neither water safe nor a flotation device. "Oh, we’re having an earthquake."

WAIT…an earthquake? No. It must be a dream.

Reggie didn’t react, but [...]