Frustration is the only word I can politely use to describe Friday. The morning went well, but right as I was heading out the door to take my car to the shop and then have a birthday lunch with my parents I got a phone call about an emergency. It took hours to resolve this…all [...]

Foyle’s War DVDs for U.S. Season 5

As I've been reporting, here and here, the last three episodes of Foyle's War will air in the U.S. during July. The DVD will be released Aug. 5, 2008.

Amazon now has the Foyle's War DVD Set 5 listed and includes cover art which I share here. (Does anyone else find it odd that the Andrew [...]

This and That

A little of this, a little of that.

Reggie is improving, but is still on antibiotics and the occasional pain pill. We still don't really know what caused his ailments.
I didn't get my car in last week and by the time I called this week, the earliest they could get me in is tomorrow morning. In [...]


Several years ago I was walking out of a restaurant with some friends and overheard a conversation that has made me laugh ever since. I thought of it again tonight and decided to share.

The conversation took place between a woman and a little girl. I'm assuming they were mother and daughter. The girl looked to [...]

Mardi Says Hello

A few minutes ago I was playing with a scanning device and randomly grabbed a book from my bookshelf to scan the ISBN. I haven't looked at that book in years, but there was a bookmark tucked in the pages. I'm not a big bookmark user, so I pulled it out to see what it [...]

Raiders of the Lost Ark: First Viewing

A year ago I wrote about the first time I did not see Star Wars. Since a new Indiana Jones movie was released this weekend, I thought it was time to write about the first time I did see Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The summer Raiders came out I was in rural Wisconsin working at [...]

Poor Reggie

Reggie had a good eleventh birthday, but got sick later in the week. He seemed fine, even when he woke me up about 3:15 A.M. Thursday morning. He seemed normal most of the day, but he wasn't eating very much and was sleeping a lot. However, Thursday evening he couldn't jump into the car and [...]

U.S. Final Season of Foyle’s War…PBS and DVD Dates

More good news for Foyle's War fans in the U.S.! Acorn Media, who distributes Foyle's War on DVD, sent me a note…that was super nice of them. The U.S. DVD set of the final season of Foyle's War will be available August 5, 2008! I certainly plan to complete my Foyle's War DVD collection!

According to [...]

Foyle’s Coming, Foyle’s Coming!!

PBS has published their schedule for this summer's Masterpiece Mystery. Excellent news!

The final three episodes of FOYLE'S WAR are scheduled to air July 13 - 27! I thought we'd have to wait till the end of the summer, but this is way better!

Keep in mind that PBS does like to change their schedules and not [...]

The Big 1-1

Reginald "Reggie" MacGuffin is 11 years old today! Happy Birthday to him, happy birthday to him!

Nobody expected Reggie to make it this far…not with liver shunts and bladder stone problems…but he did!

I should have taken a picture of him today, but didn’t because he’s in need of a haircut and looks rather sloppy.

On a side [...]