Mardi Says Hello

A few minutes ago I was playing with a scanning device and randomly grabbed a book from my bookshelf to scan the ISBN. I haven't looked at that book in years, but there was a bookmark tucked in the pages. I'm not a big bookmark user, so I pulled it out to see what it was.

The handwriting on the back of the bookmark says: To Missy  Love, Mardi  :-)

Mardi died two years ago today. She loved to give people little gifts like cards, flowers, balloons, and bookmarks. How appropriate that I re-found one on her anniversary. She's missed.

5 comments to Mardi Says Hello

  • How very, very cool.

  • It was! And so like Mardi to blindside somebody into a smile. ;D

  • I love things like that.
    Right after I planned my January trip to Orlando, I found a card from my grandmother which said “Nothing could make me happier than you taking the trip you described to me.” It was originally written at the time I made a visit to Boston in 2000 and (in my grandmother’s typical fashion) it had originally enclosed some spending money. I really felt that she was talking to me and letting me know taking the Orlando trip was a good thing and to be happy. (I had some minor guilt leaving most of the family at home.) I don’t think “finds” like that are chance!

  • That’s a wonderful keepsake to have from your grandmother!

  • This gave me a nice chill.

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