Several years ago I was walking out of a restaurant with some friends and overheard a conversation that has made me laugh ever since. I thought of it again tonight and decided to share.

The conversation took place between a woman and a little girl. I'm assuming they were mother and daughter. The girl looked to be about 4-years old and was very cute. The restaurant was noisy, so I could only hear the mother, but here's how it went:

Girl: (Says something to Mother, but I couldn't hear it.)

Mother: Yes, you have been here once before.

Girl: (Asks another question I couldn't hear.)

Mother: No, you were too little then to remember.

Girl: (Asks another question, as children are want to do.)

Mother: Yes, you were a girl! You will always be a girl!

At this point I had walked past them and didn't hear the rest of the conversation, but I'd heard enough to enjoy many good laughs. LOL!

Sometimes I feel sorry for that little girl…it's not always fun to always be a girl. ;-)

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  • This reminds me of something my boys once said to each other.
    They were very little and one said something about the other having worn glasses “then.”
    The other child said, “I never wore glasses.”
    The first child said, “Not this time. *Last time.*”
    The other child said, “Ohhhh.” as if that explained it.
    And then they turned the conversation in another direction.
    There is that little bit of me that wondered if they were talking about some sort of past life thing.
    Maybe the little girl wasn’t a little girl the time she remembers being there. (You know, if you’re one to believe in that sort of thing.)

  • Sounds a little Clark Kent’ish to me. Which child has the hidden secret power? Fess up! ;-)

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