Frustration is the only word I can politely use to describe Friday. The morning went well, but right as I was heading out the door to take my car to the shop and then have a birthday lunch with my parents I got a phone call about an emergency. It took hours to resolve this…all to good, so no damage other than time lost and the panic it involved.

Once the emergency was cleared away I set off to take my car to the shop to have the oil leak and the malfunctioning fan fixed. They had told me to bring it in any time. Any time. To me, if I may be so bold, any time means…well, any time. How else should I have interpreted any time? Only when I got there, admittedly a few hours later than I'd planned, they said it was too late. How does any time turn into too late? They didn't say any time up until xyz time. They said any time. In the mean time my father got lost trying to meet me at the shop so he could drive me to their house. He'd walked out of their house without his cell phone, so we didn't know where he was. Since he couldn't find the shop, he eventually gave up and returned home. Since they couldn't take my car, thanks to their mysterious definition of "any time," I also drove to my parent's home.

By now it was 3:00 in the afternoon and we all decided it was too late to go out for lunch for Dad's birthday. We took care of several other odds and ends, then called it a day. They went out today, but I didn't join them as I didn't want to drive there yesterday, today, again Monday and yet again Wednesday to take them to the airport. We'll have a birthday dinner another day.

So now I have to take my car back to the shop Monday morning. They said they'll try to get it finished in one day, so I'll probably camp out with my laptop and cellphone nearby the shop.

In the meantime, the signature strip on the back of my father's credit card has worn off. He called over a week ago to get a replacement card, but it hasn't shown up. The credit card company decided to cancel his current card and number and express a new card with a different number. So, right before the trip, my father has no credit card and we'll have to switch all automatically charged items to the new card once it shows up this upcoming Tuesday (if, unlike the first one, it shows up on time). Oh and YAY! All travel arrangements were booked on Dad's now canceled card!

Frustration, frustration, frustration.

Topping it off Reggie was very sick this morning. We spent the day napping and being lazy and he does seem to feel better now. Tomorrow I have lots of to-do tasks to get through, so hopefully that will go better. I'm ready to vacation on another planet. Who do I call?

3 comments to Frustration

  • What a time of it you had!
    Here’s to a nice *calm* week with a healthy dog and no worries!!

  • Did the auto shop define “one day” for you. Even though it was preceded by “try” you may want to know their exact definition of that amount of time.
    Oh, and while I know this is too late — and I’m not sure if someone else provided the answer — I think you were looking for Crete Carrier Corp when it came to the rig that chucked a big sheet of ice your way (I finally saw one of their trucks).

  • Laura, Thanks as always!
    Delmer, I’ve been trying off and on all morning to update the car situation, but it’s a hectic morning. They did…sort of…get the car finished in a day. And thanks for reminding me about Crete. I discovered they were the culprit when I was driving to Steve C.’s funeral, but I don’t think I ever updated the blog. I’ll add that to today’s post…thanks!

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