Michael Clayton

We finally got around to watching the movie, Michael Clayton. It's a decent movie starring George Clooney, Tom Wilkinson (who steals every scene he's in) and Tilda Swinton (I can't put my finger on who she reminds me of…any thoughts?). It's also the last film of the recently deceased Sydney Pollack.

Michael Clayton received a [...]

iTunes $.99 Movie Rental

A while back Apple announced that they'd be offering movie rentals through iTunes and every week, one movie would be available for 99 cents. Personally I never could find the 99 cent movie. I get emails from Apple every week…one prominently mentions the free song of the week..but I've never seen a notice of the [...]

Foyle’s War Ending…Or Not?

ITV, the British network work that airs Foyle's War, cancelled the show a while back. It was announced that the three episodes airing in the U.K. and U.S. (and other locations) during 2008 were going to be the last.

But look what I found today on the web page of Foyle's War writer and creator Anthony [...]

Julie Andrews as Eliza

There's talk of a new version of My Fair Lady being produced with Keira Knightley as Eliza. I can't say I'm very thrilled or interested in this, but this YouTube video did catch my eye. I don't think I've ever seen footage of Julie Andrews as Eliza in the Broadway production. Well, here's a clip. [...]


For a wonderful picture of Yosemite…check my buddy TL's pic here. Fabulous! Want to go!!!!

They’re Back from NM

My parents had a great time with my cousin and her family and the trip as a whole went well. There were a few glitches…no hot water the first night in the hotel (they were given a discount), some issues with the rental car, and the winds. The wind was the worst they'd ever seen; [...]

They’re Off to NM

Tomorrow morning my parents are traveling to New Mexico for my aunt's funeral services. It's been a rough venture getting this trip put together, including an overflowing kitchen sink tonight (for once my brother went over to help them…not me…yay!) while they were trying to finish packing.

They've decided to take a limo tomorrow instead of [...]

Updates: Frustration and Help Needed

Updating previous blogs:

Frustration Update:

I got my car into the shop yesterday and they did finish it in one day…sort of. They were able to fix the fan issue…the resistor was shot. That was an easy repair and not too costly. But…when they first looked at my car, they could see oil dripping, but there was [...]