Updates: Frustration and Help Needed

Updating previous blogs:

I got my car into the shop yesterday and they did finish it in one day…sort of. They were able to fix the fan issue…the resistor was shot. That was an easy repair and not too costly. But…when they first looked at my car, they could see oil dripping, but there was so much grease and oil they couldn't tell where it was coming from. So they cleaned up the area and checked the gasket, screws, filter, etc. Everything looked okay, but once it was all back together, they couldn't find a leak. They drove the car around, left it running, but no dripping oil. This means they either fixed it by cleaning up and tweaking things (which means the Honda dealership that did the last few oil changes made a mess!) or there is a very slow leak higher up near the timing belt. I have the car parked in the garage over a flattened cardboard box and need to check it for signs of leaks. The bad thing is, we don't know for sure about the oil and if it's a slow leak up by the timing belt the labor alone to get to the leak is going to be high. However, since the timing belt on my car has never been replaced I could do the timing belt, water pump and the oil leak in one shot for an over $700 charge. Yippy skippy. I hate to put that into much money into my 12+ year-old car, but I'd equally hate for the timing belt to go bad and cause worse issues. Sigh. Might be time to go car shopping after all.

Speaking of my car, back in December I told you about it's hood being smashed up by huge chunks of ice coming off the top of an 18-wheeler. The villain truck had the logo I've displayed here. You might remember my rave at a trucking company that was saving itself a bit of money by NOT de-icing their trucks and letting other drivers's insurance companies pay for the damage caused by their gross negligence. Delmer amazingly remembered that logo and left a comment on my blog today identifying the villain company as Crete Carrier Corp. I actually saw one of their trucks myself the day I was driving to Steve C's funeral, but that was such an emotional time that I didn't blog about it and then I forgot about it. So a big thank you to Delmer for reminding me so I can publicly deride Crete Carrier for their #%%$@%$%#$ and unprofessional practices. (Sorry for the #$#%@, it's the only nice thing I could think to say.) I really should write them a letter letting them know exactly what I think of them! I'm sure it's too late to try and get the insurance company their money back, but I should probably notify them also. 

I started this blog this morning, but just couldn't get it finished and final have given up and it's going out in this rough, crude format. Please feel free to send your own hate mail to Crete Carriers; I assure you they deserve it!

2 comments to Updates: Frustration and Help Needed

  • Well, if you put $700 into the car, you'll recover it after just a few months of not making car payment.

    I use this same argument on myself when I think about buying something so I don't have to pay $1200 to get the AC fixed. (Of course, it's been broken 3 years — so I guess I'm money ahead all the way around with that one.)

  • Bob

    Just to make a point, there are very few trucking companies that have deicing equipment.Only PA has a law about trucks having to get the ice off of their trucks. How do you suppose they are suppose to do this, climb on top of the trailer and risk falling off?! How close were you following the truck, also if you would have called Crete they would have probaly fixed your car.

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