Car and Long Distance Calls

Guess where my car is…you got it. Back in the shop! Sigh. Alone again, naturally. Might be a radiator leak. I won’t bore with the details.

I finally found out how to identify which of my calls are considered local, which are local toll and which are long distance. This only took twenty minutes on hold [...]

Obituaries and Baths

While researching (ha ha) a future blog post, I stumbled across an obituary that caught my attention. Sally Gray was a popular actress in the UK during the 30s and 40s, but retired when she married the 4th Baron Oranmore and Browne and 2nd Baron Mereworth, and became Lady Oranmore and Browne in 1951.

On September [...]

Is Foyle’s War Over…or Not?

Foyle’s War had barely faded from the TV screen this evening when my phone rang: “I can’t believe it’s over!” a depressed voice wailed into my ear. During the airing of tonight’s episode of Foyle’s War, PBS said this was the last episode. That was the plan at one point, but may no longer be [...]

Near Death

When Mother’s cousin Joanne was here, Mom showed her some letters she has that their grandmother and grandfather wrote. Joanne asked for copies of the letters and I said I would take care of it. I finally got around to it last week…and it was almost a disaster.

I finished copying the letters and returned [...]

Keeping Up with the iTunes App Store

More and more applications are being added to the iTunes App Store each day. I’ve read that there are over 800 applications available now, but I haven’t counted them. I’ve downloaded nine of those 800…one of the heavy hitters I’m sure.

Here’s a list and a review of what I’ve downloaded:

AIM: This is for [...]

Movie List

Too tired tonight for much blogging, so I picked up this list somewhere and thought I’d give it a try. I have no idea where the list came from. I did another movie list here, but I hadn’t seen many of them either. I think I should create my own list and see if it [...]

The Day Kennedy Died

On Tuesday my aunt and uncle are arriving for a short visit…a too short a visit as often happens with loved family. I wished they lived closer! 

We’ve had a few visitors lately and it’s been wonderful. Last weekend was Susan and the weekend before that was my friend Karen. Also the weekend before was my [...]


Just testing the new Typepad iPod Touch program from the App Store. So far I can’t get it to show my categories and I don’t like that I have to type in portrait mode instead of landscape, which has bigger keys. I also don’t see a away to edit previously published posts.

It does have [...]

Apple…Wrong Food Group

Apple, the U.S. computer, iPod, and iPhone manufacturer, has the wrong food name today. Egg, as in on their face, would be a better food-appropriate name.

Apple attempted several upgrades and new product releases today: none of them have gone smoothly well.

MobileMe is a day late, is crashing, and, when up, is not working well. [...]

Flat Again

I’m sitting in an auto care shop while they check a low tire on my car. Joy. Seems like I had a low tire just over a year ago…oh, wait, I did! At least it’s not the newish replacement for that tire, but the story is similar.

Saturday evening, after my get together with Susan, I [...]