Is Foyle’s War Over…or Not?

Foyle’s War
had barely faded from the TV screen this evening when my phone rang: “I can’t believe it’s over!” a depressed voice wailed into my ear. During the airing of tonight’s episode of Foyle’s War, PBS said this was the last episode. That was the plan at one point, but may no longer be the case.

I’ve posted this before, but for newcomers, here is what Anthony Horowitz, the creator and writer of Foyle’s War posted on his website on May 15, 2008:

“MORE FOYLE’S WAR. Just thought I’d mention it. Due to the stupidity of the men in suits, they cancelled my detective series, then changed their minds. I’m now working on a new series, set in the month after the war.” (The suits he is referring to are ITV, a British network.)

Sadly, we are talking about television, so until the episodes air, there’s no guarantee they’ll air. TV shows and films frequently get cancelled at the last minute. But the good news is that scripts are at least being written with the intention of them being filmed and shown on TV. Let’s hope the new episodes Mr. Horowitz is working on do get produced and aired on TV. And, for those of us in the United States, let’s hope PBS shows them!

Never enough Foyle! Never!

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