Kinda’ Wish I Hadn’t Done That

I watched Zodiac tonight. Watching this movie late into the night by myself…not really a smart thing.


Those of you that know me know that I've been "tottering on the brink" (to borrow from the 1940 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice) of sanity for some time. Today I went over the brink…I signed up for Twitter and Facebook.

I suspect I'll fade on Twitter fairly quickly, but until then you can check my [...]

Mr. Plagiarism

I don’t talk politics often on this blog, but this is unmissable. The rumors are running rampant that Senator Barack Obama has chosen Senator Joseph Biden as his running mate.

For the last twenty years I’ve known Sen. Biden as Mr. Plagiarism. Here’s a scan of from a paper I wrote 20 years ago during my [...]

9.7 Million to 1

I should have purchased lottery tickets today. I never do, but today would have been a good day.

According to, there are nearly 3 million people living in Chicago and 9.7 million in the greater Chicago-area. That makes me one of 9.7 million…a needle in a haystack. And I found another needle.

I drove into Chicago [...]


We tried a new groomer for Reggie since there are issues with the groomer he's gone to for years. I warned them he was matted and they said they'd work on it. Instead, they scalped him.

The drive was really long, so I'm not sure if we'll go back. (Sorry, CP.) Even though he's a little [...]

A Little Remix Terror

Did you know that Mr. Darcy, gentleman that he was, was really a menace. This YouTube video proves it. Well, it proves the 2005 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice does have an interesting sub-text when remixed a bit. The narration on this video is a little forced, but it is interesting how many images from [...]

90,000 Lightning Strikes

We had four hours of big storms Monday night. The sky was constantly lit up with lightning. Today, the Chicago Tribune provided statistics demonstrating the storm's magnitude.

In just four hours:

90,000 strikes of lightening across NE Illinois Monday evening.
6: the number of months it usually takes to reach 90,000.
800 strikes per minute Monday evening.

Below is [...]


I burned my thumb and first two fingers cooking dinner this evening. Entirely my fault, but I just need to say it really hurts. I couldn’t even floss my teeth tonight because wrapping dental floss around my burned fingers is akin to slicing them with a butcher’s knife.

I only mention this because I know you [...]