I burned my thumb and first two fingers cooking dinner this evening. Entirely my fault, but I just need to say it really hurts. I couldn’t even floss my teeth tonight because wrapping dental floss around my burned fingers is akin to slicing them with a butcher’s knife.

I only mention this because I know you want to feel sorry for me. Even as you continue reading you are calling family and friends to arrange pity parties! Pointing-fingers and thumbs around the universe are already twitching and starting to rub together preparing for the grandest production of My Heart Bleeds for You on the world’s smallest violins! Have at it! 

In other news, there was a professional bike race in my subdivision this weekend. I walked down to the end of my cul de sac to watch a lap or two and ended up watching all ten laps. When the racers weren’t in our area, I chatted with neighbors and strangers. It was a lot of fun. Below is one picture, I might post a few more and some movies soon. The riders were going super fast and I was at the wrong angle for this particular picture, but I like it just the same.


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  • TL

    I like the picture, too! You really get a sense for the “super fast.” Awesome, Missy.
    P.S. I hope your fingers are feeling better.

  • Thanks, glad you like the picture. And, yes, the fingers are healing. I can return to my regularly scheduled flossing tonight. ;-) Missy

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