90,000 Lightning Strikes

We had four hours of big storms Monday night. The sky was constantly lit up with lightning. Today, the Chicago Tribune provided statistics demonstrating the storm's magnitude.

In just four hours:

  • 90,000 strikes of lightening across NE Illinois Monday evening.
  • 6: the number of months it usually takes to reach 90,000.
  • 800 strikes per minute Monday evening.

Below is a picture submitted to the Tribune, but I couldn't find the photographer's name other than cdenamur.


Wow! Too bad I don't have a factory that could print 90,000 "I survived" t-shirts for me! (TL, I think we could create a cool t-shirt!)

2 comments to 90,000 Lightning Strikes

  • I’m guessing that’s part of the same system that woke me up around 2:30 Tuesday morning. It was pretty spectacular and at one point it sounded like the thunder was clapping right over my house.

  • When I was going to bed Monday night, the last round of the storm hit but didn’t last long, so we were able to sleep through the night. If you got part of the front of the storm in the middle of night, I’m not surprised it woke you up. It was loud and bright!

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