We tried a new groomer for Reggie since there are issues with the groomer he's gone to for years. I warned them he was matted and they said they'd work on it. Instead, they scalped him.

The drive was really long, so I'm not sure if we'll go back. (Sorry, CP.) Even though he's a little odd looking, he seems more comfortable in the heat.

Below is a picture of what Reggie usually looks like after a trip to the groomers.


2 comments to Scalped

  • cp

    He doesn’t look so bad!!
    In fact, he looks darn cute!
    Love, Ralph

  • Hi Ralph,
    Thanks, but with all that short hair of yours, I think you are biased. As your mom said, if only they’d also trimmed the beard back more so I looked more even.
    We need to have a play date. Maybe Fred could come also!

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