Not So Hypocritical After All

Yesterday I felt hypocritical…today I still do, but not as much. Here are a few pictures from the Chicago area today:

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After driving through several flooded intersections, I got to the one above and gave up and came home. This is about 3 to 4 miles south of my home.
Copyright Chicago Tribune.
Above is a car floating on the Eden's Highway. (Thankfully, I was nowhere near this.)


An image I took less than a mile from my home. (Click for a bigger view.) This is a retention pond that has crested it banks. None of the trees, including the ones in the background and the far left, should be in the water. I'd say the water is 40 or more feet beyond it's banks in this direction. On the far side of the image, the water was across the street and might be inside of some of the homes. I'm thankful that the inside of my house is still dry. 

But still. Many in Texas have it much worse than we do. 
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And it will continue raining the next day or two for many of us. And here's why:


Hurricane Ike is also the cause of the system causing so much flooding in Chicago. Scary. And more rain to come.

I don't know what I was thinking last night when I said I thought my cousin was far enough away from the storm to be OK. She was, but only because she and her husband had already evacuated their home. If you've been seeing news out of Beaumont, Texas, my cousin lives one city inland from there. They're 90 minutes west of Houston and the area was hit hard. We don't know how theirs or my uncle's home north of Houston faired.

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