Ike Updates

My cousin's home inland from Beaumont is okay, but that entire area will be without electricity for some time. The grid is under floodwater. My cousin's husband has been building them a second home on the Galveston peninsula. They haven't been able to get to this home, but have seen it on a web cam. Their house has apparently survived better than those around it, but has lost it's garage and patio. Many of the houses near it are completely gone. Her husband knew what he was doing to build a secure home. They don't know when they'll be allowed to get to this home.

We haven't heard anything from my uncle. Since they were in Colorado, they might not know about their house yet. A friend of Mom's is at her mother's where they have no electricity, but no damage. It's going to take Texas a while to dig out of this. They're in my prayers.

Ike continued influencing the weather here in the Chicago area today with lots more rain. They're saying we've set 1-day and 2-day rain records, but I haven't heard the totals. (There are certain records that are better off NOT being set. This was one of them.) I saw more flooded and closed roads today. And very sadly, the news is reporting at least three weather-related deaths. It's scary how fast the water rises and catches people. Even though it finally stopped raining this afternoon and the sun (what's that?) is supposed to shine tomorrow, we're still under flood warnings.

I went to church in a deluge this morning wearing a long dress rain coat in an attempt to keep dry. It seems like we're either bone dry here or it is poring down rain. I think I need to give in and buy a full-sized umbrella. All I have is the small collapsible ones. Where does one buy a full-sized umbrella that won't fall apart during it's first use? Speaking of umbrellas, since this is record breaking rainfall and everybody was using umbrellas, they asked everyone to open their umbrellas during church so they could take a picture. The sanctuary was flooded with colors. I hope they'll put the picture on the web.

Here's another picture from my sub-division that I took this afternoon:
There are two baseball fields and a soccer field under the water.

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