Changing Seasons

I've been carrying my camera around with me more than I normally do since the colors are changing and making wonderful photo opportunities. Here are three from today. There all very different in color scheme. I should Photoshop them some, but I like them in their original capture. 

I liked how this smaller tree ignored the gloom [...]


I'm afraid Neon-Boy in the picture below may have had an encounter with some radioactive spiders or something. I'm just glad he's enjoying nature and is no where near my home. I got away after taking the picture because I really didn't want to catch the lime-green disease!

If you can't see the bug, click here [...]

20th Class Reunion…2nd Attempt to Post

This weekend was my 20th college class reunion. Before the reunion, I kept telling everyone it was a mistake…it hadn't been that long. Once I got to the reunion I noticed for the first time that many of us looked older and we were occasionally struggling to recognize some people. Even so, we had a [...]