Reggie Update

I took Reggie into the vet's this morning for a follow-up blood test. His red blood cell count had been down to 19%, but has climbed all the way up to 41%! Yay. This is very good. Now we need it to stabilize above 40%, then we can start weaning him off Prednisone. Getting him off Prednisone could take some time…hopefully he'll continue to improve and will have a smooth weaning off period…both are important. Also, his weight was up to 15.1 pounds, but he still feels very thin and boney.

In the meantime, we learned that Reggie had a very low positive for a tick related disease, which may or may not have caused the IMHA. His test result was so low the vet said it simply means he had the disease at some point, but we don't know when. The result was so low it would be the same as having a human test positivie for a disease he or she was immunized for as a child. I suspect some of Reggie's periods of not feeling well were because of the tick bite, but since nobody expects that in this area we never tested for it before. He'll be on antibiotics for a month to just make sure this is really not active in his system.

Now if he'd just stop licking the area where his IV was…

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