If Only It Would Stay

Look at the 38 degree swing from the low to the high! Whew! But we'll take that high any day in January! And the sun even shown to help the celebrating! And this evening the moon was fantastic.

I Want to Believe, I Really Do

In the Bleak Mid Winter

It was a gray, snowy morning when Reggie and I left the vets. It was just gray and blah. The sun did peek out a few times during the afternoon, but not enough. Here's what it looked like (I actually cheered this up some):

Reggie's test results were up a little bit, but not [...]


Firestone wanted to charge me $19.00 to replace the burned out bulb below. I did it myself. Luckily the brake light in the rear window is about the easiest bulb one can replace on my car. Just twist the socket and pull it out. No screws, covers, bolts, etc.

Firestone wanted to charge me $6.00 for [...]

The Day After

I'm feeling this big let down.

Yesterday I was 10 minutes shy of being part of a lock down at one of the biggest malls in the United States. Today…nothing, nada, zip. No almost-anything!

I've gone from the zenith of almost-excitement to the drudges of actual-reality. Nobody almost-threatened me. Nobody practically-forced me. No maybe-gun sightings [...]

Woodfield Mall

Late this afternoon I ran a few boring, but mandatory, errands. One errand required stopping in at Woodfield Mall. It was about 4:00 when I got there and I was pleasantly surprised to find the parking lot fairly free of cars. I parked, strolled into Macy's and from there entered the Mall. It was pretty [...]

In the Hole

Old Man Winter Hits Again

It's back.

I decided to skip a visit to the grocery tonight…I didn't want to get out of the car again till I got home. 


"Oh yeah. Libby says 'hi'."

Going, Going, Firth Gone

The other day I told you that you could own a piece of the Firth as Darcy legacy. The painting went for 12,000 British pounds. I did not win the image. Oh wait, I didn't bid…so nothing gained, nothing lost. For more information check out the Bonhams website.

As I mentioned the other day, there is [...]