Firestone wanted to charge me $19.00 to replace the burned out bulb below. I did it myself. Luckily the brake light in the rear window is about the easiest bulb one can replace on my car. Just twist the socket and pull it out. No screws, covers, bolts, etc.


Firestone wanted to charge me $6.00 for the bulb and $13.00 for the labor! I went to an auto parts store and got two bulbs, because they only sell them in packs of two, for $6.00 and did the labor myself. So I guess Firestore was charging $6 for one bulb, so overall I saved $16.00 and have a bulb to spare. (Not sure what I'll do with it, but….)

The funny thing is, since I didn't know how easy it was to change the bulb, I probably would have had them do it IF they had told me it needed replacing. Instead they buried it in a list of things, like $30 for new wipers (yeah, right!) and some more important things, like the status of my brakes.

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  • A friend of mine just got a quote for brakes that came to just over $400.00.
    I’m not sure what they were charging for parts but I got everything they said they were going to replace for just over $90.00. I did the brakes in less than an hour … and this is a job I do only once every two years or so — I’m guessing with more experience and better equipment they’d be able to do it in 30 minutes.
    I know the garage has a bit more overhead than I do, but I’m also thinking the parts I paid $90 would have cost them less. The point being, $400 seems a little high. (I’m not totally unreasonable — fixing my AC would run $1200. It’s a time-consuming job and I fully understand how it might cost that much. Not that I’ll ever pay to have it done.)

  • Delmer, you are welcome to come work on my car’s brakes! Think of what a great bike ride that would be! LOL!!!

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