The last few weeks have been really difficult. So before heading to bed, I decided to start listing the things I'm thankful for. Or as Irving Berlin put it: "counting my blessings, instead of sheep."

I'm thankful for the roof over my head…even if there are squirrels (and maybe a raccoon) in the attic, and a [...]

Feeding Time

Since you couldn't really get the full effect of Reggie's haircut in yesterday's picture, here's another photo. In this Reggie demonstrates his eating style: snarfing, not savoring.

Don't you wish you had a Reggie too?

Before and After

Reggie finally got groomed today. It was desperately needed, but kept getting delayed because of his health. Here's how shaggy he looked right before we left.

And here's how he looks now:

It's hard to tell in this picture, but I think they over scalped him; however, he's feeling better and it will grow. He looks nicer [...]

Marvel Pride and Prejudice

Marvel, yes the comic book people, are inking into the Jane Austen frenzy. They are releasing Pride and Prejudice in five-serial comic books. I believe the first issue will be released in April, but I can't say for sure.

If you need smelling salts to recover from the thought of P&P in comic book form, then [...]


Reggie and I went to the vets this morning. Everything is about the same; rbc is 34%. So he's staying on the same dosage of Prednisone, but we'll finish the antibiotics tomorrow morning. I bought a new type of dog food for him today and he's snarfing it down. I don't know if that means [...]

Spring, Spring, Spring

It was in the air everywhere…spring! Put it in your calendar, on Feb. 10, 2009 it was a beautiful day in the Chicago-area. Yay!

The forecast was for a high of 62F (16.7C) and I think we reached and went beyond that! I was out running around, but never grabbed a picture. You'll have to take [...]

Writing Tips and Wikipedia Blunders

Here's a post about the Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs…no, Missyisms isn't on the list but that's ok. I've only glanced a few of these, but want to look at more.

And if that isn't your cuppa, how about Wikipedia's Blunders. Number 19 made me laugh (partly because of what it's about, but also because it [...]

Frozen Bubbles

How's this for fun: freezing bubbles and taking pictures of them. Check out these images, they're great. Thanks to Kazza for sharing this on her blog. 

A week ago I could of have frozen some bubbles…phooey, I could have done this any day this winter, except this week and two or three additional days. I'd say [...]

Trump Glare

We had a shockingly beautiful, sunny, and warm day here in Chicagoland. It got up into the high 40s/low 50s. For the second time this winter season, over a foot of snow melted in about 24 hours. This time the temperature jump was not accompanied by rain and I haven't heard about any flooding. However, [...]

Snow Elephant

My parents took me to see an elephant today.

This is about 1.5 blocks from my parent’s home. It’s apparently been on the local news, but I never saw it. I wish I had seen it before it started to melt; nevertheless, it’s still very impressive! I’m afraid it will be completely gone in a few [...]