Car Shopping

I went car shopping today for the first time in over 13 years. Sigh, I'm just not ready for this. My parents came as they also need a new car. 

We went to a Toyota dealership and looked at several different models. It seems to me that all of the 2009 Toyotas have gotten bigger and some have gotten too big, like the RAV-4. We looked at three different models in the showroom and I noticed each one was the base model…a sign of the times I'm thinking.

We test drove a Corolla and a Camry. We liked the Camry better, but I don't know that I'm ready for a car that big. The Corolla is a little bigger than my Civic, but I didn't think it was as nice as my Civic. My Civic was the top model when I bought it, but this wasn't the top Corolla, so maybe that explains the difference.

Well, this was step one in the depressing adventure. 

2 comments to Car Shopping

  • I hate car shopping — it always depresses me too. The mini-van will be 10-years old this year … I think I’ll have it a while longer.

  • My car has past its 13th birthday and it is not doing to well. It’s been a great car, but needs to be put out to pasture. I just don’t want to let go or get a new one that I don’t like as much. Sigh.

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