Trump Glare

We had a shockingly beautiful, sunny, and warm day here in Chicagoland. It got up into the high 40s/low 50s. For the second time this winter season, over a foot of snow melted in about 24 hours. This time the temperature jump was not accompanied by rain and I haven't heard about any flooding. However, rain is in the forecast. Hopefully the ground will dry up some before the rain hits. We're tired of moisture and flooding! (Snow is forecast for late next week, so winter is not over yet.)
I went into Chicago to have lunch with a friend. We had brunch at Heaven on Seven…the original, pay-cash-only restaurant on Wabash. When we left, the sun was glaring off a building and reflecting right in our faces. It was very uncomfortable. Here's the shot…


Look at that glare and look at how far away we were! I suspect this will really bother people with windows facing that direction. Didn't the city planning committee think of that before giving permission for Trump to trump in people's faces? Yes, that's the new Trump Tower. (Click image for a bigger view, more building details, and more glare.) 

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