Travels with Reggie

Reggie had been doing pretty well; except needing to go out more often because of his new dog food. But then…powie.

Reg woke me up at 3:17 AM Monday morning to go out. He seemed fine, but when we went in for his already scheduled vet appoinment at 10 AM Monday morning I warned the vet that sometimes Reggie's nightly calls were the beginning of something bad. The vet gave Reggie a quick physical check and tested his red-blood cell (RBC) count. The RBC was about the same as it was the last time, so we lowered his Prednisone dosage.

Everything seemed fine, but Monday evening Reggie started vomiting. A lot. I actually put him in bed with me and covered him up, something he usually never allows, because he was shivering so bad. He eventually got over the vomiting, but was fretful and uncomfortable the rest of the night. Neither of us got much sleep that night. I went to the vets to get more anti-vomiting medication and they decided to also give me an anti-biotic for him. Since Reggie had been in the morning before, the vets didn't check him at this point, which was fine with me.

Only, Reggie got worse. He didn't want to move around, at my parents' house he found a door to hide behind and sleep…something else he never does…and he was straining to go to the bathroom. They said to call if he got worse…so I did and we went in this morning. Reggie went from 15.4 pounds Monday morning to 14.6 pounds Wednesday morning and he was getting listless. They did a full blood panel and discovered several of his pancreas, liver and kidney counts were off the chart. (But his RBC was actually up a bit.) Reggie's liver counts are usually off, but this was much, much worse. X-rays showed that his pancreas is inflamed/swollen and his liver is enlarged. We're hoping his pancreatitis is the cause of all this.

He's home now, but on an IV drip. I've never operated an IV drip before and it's both very easy and very difficult. Reggie is exhausted and has only left his open crate when I've carried him outside. When I go to bed I'll close up the crate just to be safe and will get up every few hours.

Well, I'm thankful we caught this before it got even worse. I wish I knew what caused it, because it hit so fast. I don't know what this means long term for Reggie.

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