Life on the Rush

Since Reggie's illness last week I've been scrambling to get caught up. I don't know if I'll ever make it, but I'm trying. If I owe you an email or a call, I hope it will be coming soon.

Tomorrow morning Reggie and I go back to the vet's for follow-up blood work. Late last week Reggie's liver, kidney and pancreas counts were no longer off the charts, but they weren't very good either. (Reggie's liver counts haven't been good for years.) Also, Reggie's red-blood cell count had dropped since Monday's reading and his white blood cell count was elevated. Hopefully, the anti-biotic medications and the Prednisone will have helped improved these numbers.

Reggie's liver is so big it's pressing against his heart. This might, or might not, be caused by the Prednisone. Last Monday we lowered the Preds, but since then his red-blood cell count dropped…but that might be because we lowered the Preds or because of his infection…we don't know. He also has a lump near his elbow/chest. Since Reggie first got IMHA and started on Prednisone in November, his body mass has changed. So I don't know if this lump is new or just part of the way the steriods are affecting his body.

I don't know what Reggie's future holds, but I strongly suspect there will be a lot of monitoring via the vets.

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