A cardinal enjoying the morning in my backyard pine tree. Unfortunately, I was taking the pictures through plexiglass and a screen, so the images are a little off.


Isn’t he beautiful? I wish the image below wasn’t so distorted from the screen.


You can actually see the screen in the image below. Sigh, to be so close, yet so separated.


2 comments to Cardinal

  • It’s probably a good thing the screen was there. Cardinals are our state bird so I’m a bit more in tune to what they’re thinking than residents of the Cardinals-are-not-our-state-bird states … in that bottom photo he’s got a “What-choo lookin’ at?” look in his eyes.
    Without the screen he might have swooped in and taken your camera.

  • The cardinal is the state bird of Illinois too. Rather unoriginal that it’s the state bird of seven states. I think it’s cool that in the last picture he’s looking right at me, but I agree with you that he looks like he wants to feed me a piece of his beak! (so to speak)

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