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Yes, once again, welcome to the new home of Missyisms. I know, a lot of moving around lately. Thank you for your patience. I’ve had this domain for a couple of years and finally gathered the courage to attempt migrating my blog here. It’s taken some doing…more doings than necessary to be honest…but here we go.

I’m currently using Wordpress 2.7.1. This is different from and very different from TypePad, so pardon the dust as I get settled. One thing I really don’t like about Wordpress is selecting templates. After trying to find something I like using keyword searches that didn’t seem to work correctly, I’ve settled onto one of the most popular templates. That probably means it’s well tested, but it also means it’s used a lot. It does allow customization, so I’ll be trying that soon. Of course, many of you are using feed readers and probably can’t even see the template. If you have a moment, take a quick sneak. The pictures currently displaying in the header are part of the template, so I want to change those and I’d like to tweak the colors some.

There’s still work to be done. I need to fix internal links, check images and videos, figure out which posts didn’t migrate properly, and add some plug-ins and widgets. I also need to figure out why the Wordpress Dashboard isn’t showing statistics; I thought it was last week, but maybe that was Hmm.

So, as long as this server-side stuff doesn’t get the better of me, I think we’re finished moving around. I hope we’re finished moving around. I’d really like to be finished moving around!

Welcome to! I think it’s safe to point your bookmarks, links, and feed readers to this location! (Let me know if you notice any issues.) New posts coming tomorrow!

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