Caught in the Glare

Crane in the Glare

There’s a crane smack in the middle of the picture and the sun glare. Easier to see here. Too bad about the Fed Ex trucks, but they wouldn’t let me move them.

Playing Chicken

I saw a little white mouse playing chicken on a busy street tonight. I have never, ever seen anything like this!

I was leaving a friend’s house and was on a subdivision street waiting for traffic to clear so I could make a right turn. Movement on the ground right in front of my car caught [...]

T.L. B-Day


Enjoy the next 40+ orbits around the sun too!


A picture I took over a decade ago on a fantastic biking trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada. I wish I could find the original of this picture, it had better color.

Bikes in PEI

For a better/larger view of the pic, click here.

St. Peter and Paul

First day out in the big world after my flu bug. Other than the humidity, it was a beautiful day! I was in Naperville, IL, so I snapped a few pictures of St. Peter and Paul church. It’s a beautiful church, and you used to be able to see it from every where in the [...]

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Life and work got busy and blogging got ignored. Then, right as work calmed a moment, I got really sick.

I used to get the flu a lot when I was a kid, but I haven’t thrown up in over 20 years. Nope, now when I get the flu these days, I get other nasties. No [...]

11:59 P.M.

Well, the day is over, I’m still at my computer and I have nothing to blog about. To top it off, it took a week to figure out a date that worked for three people, and now I find out somebody else scheduled something for the same day and needs me to be there, but [...]

Time for Your Close Up…Exposed

Well, Kazza figured out yesterday’s image in one guess and she’s so brilliant I’m sure it only took seconds! Here’s the full image:

Close Up Exposed

I have to admit, pink and orange and yellow and lime green are not colors I would normally put together. Too bad the depth of field only allows the center [...]

Time for Your Close Up

I’d ask everyone to guess what this is, but I think it’s so obvious. Right?

Close Up

Soggy Doggy

Reggie has been acting very strange lately and refuses to come inside. This has been bothersome, and after dark it really worries me, but today it was raining and Reggie didn’t care: he wanted out. I finally gave in, after having my legs scratched several times, and put his cape on to keep at least [...]