Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Life and work got busy and blogging got ignored. Then, right as work calmed a moment, I got really sick.

I used to get the flu a lot when I was a kid, but I haven’t thrown up in over 20 years. Nope, now when I get the flu these days, I get other nasties. No further words needed. Until now. I’d forgotten how painful, gross and disgusting it is to throw up. Enough of that, I’m better now; just constantly tired.

I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping, but am still tired, and watched more TV than I can remember in a long time. I finished watching season 7 of West Wing and thought maybe I should actually watch the first season for once. I pulled out those DVDs and discovered my disc labeled Season 1, Disc 1 is actually Season 1, Disc 2. I have two disc 2s. Loverly. Now I have to check all the other discs and then figure out who to contact about getting a replacement. It’s odd that it has the wrong label…I mean that smells of a big mistake, not packaging goof. If I had energy, I’d check on the Internet for similar reports.

I took the following picture at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens almost five years ago. Isn’t it odd that I’ve lived in the Chicago area for more than 35 years, but I’ve never been to the Chicago Botanical Gardens? It’s because they are in such a difficult to reach location. Anyway, I was visiting my cousin in Atlanta and we had a great time walking around their gardens. I wonder where my other pictures are.


From the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

So, finally a new post, but no energy to proof it. I’m determined to get out of the house tomorrow. I’m not sick anymore, just tired, so being outside should help. Right?

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